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"The breakfast was perfect, I did not miss anything. Staff attentive, everything very clean. Great to go with kids. Excellent recreator and creative activities all the time.All the structure very well maintained and safe. "
Julianne - Booking
"Excellent for the kids. Very friendly recliner and lots of activities for the little ones, including a wonderful playground. "
Luana - Booking
"The service is very good from the maids to the front desk staff!"
Kacilda - Booking
"We really enjoyed the recreation activities for our daughter!"
Vandeilson - Booking
"Wonderful farm hotel to enjoy and rest with the family. It is a place that presents different forms of activities, presents an adequate cleaning and good prices, according to its wide structure."
Eric Mateus G - TripAdvisor

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Rooms & Suites

Flat Classic

It sleeps up to 05 people, with 01 double bed in the suite and 02 single beds and 01 auxiliary bed in the room (both with air conditioning).



01 Suite, 01 Room on the same floor, American kitchen, living room and balcony.

Flat Master Corner

It sleeps up to 07 people, with 01 double bed in the suite, 01 double bed in the room, both on the same floor (with air conditioning), 02 single beds in the mezzanine (without air conditioning).
Structure: 01 Suite, 01 social room on the same floor, 01 mesanino, American kitchen, living room and balcony.

Flat Studio

It sleeps up to 03 people, with 01 double bed in the suite (with air conditioning) and 01 sofa bed in the living room (without air conditioning).

Structure: 01 Suite, American kitchen, living room and balcony.


1st bedroom: 01 double bed in suite, hallway with WC and Closet 3rd bedroom: 01 double bed with suite and bath (with air conditioning) and maid's room with suite on the outside Terrace with swimming pool, living room with pool, TV room, Kitchen complete everything in one environment. In the mezzanine area large terrace overlooking the living room. Outside area with 1 dependence of maid and Wc.

Luxury Apartment

Our apartments consist of king-size beds. Which can comfortably accommodate up to 04 people. It also has solar heated water, intercom, minibar, split air-conditioning, balcony with hammock, wifi (also available in the hotel's leisure areas) and cable TV. You can still opt for views: Pool or Nature

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Arena Monte Castelo

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